Our Approach

We as a team put our clients first and care deeply about the relationships that have developed both new and old.  Our team prides themselves in our constant attention to detail, commitment to service and above all quality of work.  MOPS A/V engineers and third party vendors are all working industry professionals with experience on the road as well as in town bringing together a one stop shop for all your production needs.  Everyone that works for MOPS A/V is carefully screened and handpicked to ensure our quality of service is consistent across the board.   These standards and philosophies are what make us unique and different from any company or production personnel in the industry!

Our Story

MOPS Inc, began with our founder - CEO / COO Micah Otano who has humbly worked his way up in the entertainment industry for many years, creating deep relationships and developing a vast level of experience.  He has had a wide variety of success in every part of the entertainment industry from production and songwriting to touring the world with various artists. The trust that has been created between each and every client is one that he personally commits himself to daily and cherishes above all.  With his leadership, hands on involvement and direction has continually driven the company to its current success level and will continue to propel the company forward for many more years  to come!

Meet the Team


Our team has organically grown into the collection of some of the most experienced individuals in the entertainment industry.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality product and care available all the while doing our best to keep you and your needs first and foremost on our minds daily!

Micah Otano

Founder, President & CEO

Micah Otano has played keyboards in Solanges Knowles band, written and produced songs with and for Frank Ocean, Fantasia Barrino, Luke James & Nasri Atweh (Lead singer of the band MAGIC!) to name a few..

In addition to his creative accolades he as worked with every artist from Steven Tyler to Prince, on the technical side of things mixing FOH doing Production Management and so on.. He has an unmatched talent and musical ear which has lent itself to his ability to conquer any task at hand and approach every situation with the complete understanding of every facet of the production realm, from performer to stagehand he has done it all and is the sole reason he is able to deliver on whatever needs to be done!

He is a family guy who loves his children and wife dearly.  Loves any type of seafood especially sushi and enjoys long days at the beach on his time off!

Jeremy Williams

Business & Operations Director

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Mike Rossi

Head of Sales & Culture

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Alexander Moscatelli

Production & Operation's Manager

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Christian Sager

A/V/L Operations & Installation Supervisor

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Kara Otano

Administrative Coordinator

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Chris Smith

Lighting Designer / Programmer

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Leland Dix

Production Coordinator / Audio Engineer - Nashville, TN

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Evan Carlisle

Production Coordinator / Audio Engineer - Las Vegas, NV

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Next Steps...

Contact us now we are eager and anxious to begin working with you on all your production needs!