Venue Operations

MOPS A/V is a full service production company that will staff any venue with the most qualified production personnel in the industry. No matter how large or small the venue, we have spent the past 15 years mastering the art of operating rooms of all sizes.  Our audio, lighting and video technicians will operate any venue making its sounds and visuals meet its maximum potential creating the perfect atmosphere exactly the way you envision.

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Event Production

From minimal event needs to full scale event productions MOPS A/V has you covered no matter the need or budget.  We have spent many years working with clients ranging from multi-national corporations to mom and pop organizations, putting on events and meeting the needs of our clients with utmost precision and professionalism. Paying attention to detail and staffing appropriately to meet every need imaginable.

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Design & Installation

No matter if you need to build a venue from the ground up and are in need of the perfect partner with the proper experience to handle the production side of the build, or simply a revamp on an existing room MOPS A/V. is the perfect partner for you.  With years of experience designing and installing various audio, lighting and video systems of all shapes and sizes there isn't a better company to choose.  We work very closely with, and are partners with some of the latest and greatest technology companies on the market giving you access to every component you may need for your build out or upgrade. No matter what your needs are you can rest assured when choosing us it will get handled on budget and on time!

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Our Mission:

To serve you or your company with integrity and precision.  Delivering a one stop shop with the highest quality product that matches your budget or production needs.

We strive for excellence and demand the highest quality of service, all the while developing a relationship of trust between every client we work with and our company knowing that there every production need will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Big or small there is no job to little or need too large, we will handle it all with the best attitude and strive to take the headaches of production world off your plate.


Next Steps...

Contact us today to get your personalized quote for your production services or needs. We look forward to working with you in whatever capacity to deliver our services and meet your needs!